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*** We are a small mortgage company helping borrowers with both primary and investment property loans need lending that may not fit traditional todays conventional methods.


Loans Types

Sometimes a borrower just does not qualify for conventional (Fannie Mae - FHA type) loans. Perhaps you have large cash holdings but show little income or you have more than 5 or even 10 properties financed. Whether you need rental property loan or have recent bank bankruptcy and credit problems we may be able to help

AlternatiFinancing & Portfolio lending


Niche Portfolio Loans :


Portfolio (Jumbo, Self employed, altnernative)



Investor (rental property) loans



Investor (Blanket property) loans



Property Tax loans


Texas Mortgage loans - investors, althernative, jumbo and non conventional



Get Pre - Approved or Pre - Qualified This is our basic 1003 for all loans.Its an online application.

Portfolio lending , by definition is where the lender holds the loan in thier portfolio. These loans , whether made by banks or private companies (funds, life insurance companies, private equit...) are based on the overall story of the loan and borrower.


*** if you seek Hard (non bank) money for rehabs or other investment property please download the hard money app.

Specialty Real Estate Lending and mortgages in Texas.   
If you are looking to purchase, refinance, or cash out on real estate on homes located in Texas , please send us an email or simply call us at 214-213 8967 for a complimentary consultation about your loan request.

Our mission regarding is lending: Simple - Provide a streamlined approach to the loan process in Texas. Whether buying as investor (our specialty) or for your primary residence we are seasoned loan consultants and offer a clear path to financing per the borrowers unique situation. We have structured relationships with local portfolio lenders for Jumbo loans and other products that dont quite fit the Fannie Mae or FHA window. If you have have good credit but have been turned down, please call us and tell the "story" of your situation.

Please take a moment to read more about us, or use our apply online or  loan center  menu  to obtain the most current information on mortgage programs and information available. We are small office in Dallas with loan processing located in the State of Texas as well.

This the site of mortgage broker Monty Busch. I have been originating mortgages, private loans and specializing in investor loans for 10+ years and active landlord. We are flexible because we work with a variety small and large banks and I own a hard money lending company for private (non bank) lending needs.