This page is for applying for “Non QM ” (non conventional) or portfolio home loans in Texas. The form below is an online 1003 (full standard residential loan application). If you are unsure about applying, go to (contact us & Quick Scenario )page and tell our team why you think you may need an alternative (Non QM or  – Portfolio loan. Be prepared to discuss any credit issues (mortgage lates,  bk, short-sale , foreclosure, or any other negative info)

Many Portfolio loans are for the self employed so bank statements can be used – *** if that the case know your total deposits for last 24 months so that we may calculate a monthly deposit average.

Make sure your income documents are organized (Bank Stmts, w2, 1099,other) 

*********************You will taken to our secure application site(Texasmortgagehome – hosted by vlender) – it’s a standard borrower application. **************** (once you hit continue) we own

We recommend that you take a moment and write a short summary or narrative your situation and why you may not be eligible for a conventional  loan. Did you apply and get written denial with explanation?

If you are self employed , be prepared to discuss your gross deposits for 12-24 months, your line of work, how your paid – the “story” of your own current scenario. – go to contact us and send in info you think would be helpful. Our Portfolio loans are not just for credit issues, but for borrowers who may not meet conventional income documentation requirements. Our underwriters are searching for ways to prove income to meet federal lending laws. We are different, we prepare a “story” about your loan and needs, we need your( borrower help ) to do so. 



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