1.Non Conventional – alternative loans / ITIN, credit problems

Do you have a credit issue with a good explanation?
Are you an ITIN borrower with 20-30% for down payment?


2.Portfolio loans for the self employed/ asset depletion- bank statement type underwriting & programs 

Bank Statement Loans Page

Loans  and questions about loans for the self employed are probably our most requested service. We think its typically too complicated when trying to go the “conventional” route. When you contact us or apply, its important to note that being able to show income (as dictated by federal law)  or  “The ability to repay” the mortgage  is key. We can underwrite using 12-24 months of bank statements , assets, cash on hand and other combinations to determine if the borrower is qualified.   More…

3.Landlord loans / Investment property lending , blanket loans,and other portfolio and asset based type lending

Do you have more than 5 or 10 properties? Have you been denied by conventional type mortgage solutions- (ie. Fannie and Freddy type underwriting)?

We have  various portfolio and non bank lending solutions.

The more asset based products require higher credit (hence, if you  are not underwriting borrower income and assets or property rent, what else is there to use as  measuring stick)?

Our most popular program  where rental income  and property value (LTV and cash flow – DSCR) underwriting is used.

Go to our investor lending page for more – again, be ready with info such as borrower credit, property expenses and income.

Investor loans for cash-out, purchase , refinance , acquisition and rehab and more.

How a good borrower can obtain portfolio lending

4.For hard money- rehab candidates see our affiliated lender (Texasrehabloan.com)

Since  the focus is portfolio loans, its important that our borrowers understand options, how to prepare and what is realistic

Getting prepared, how do i qualify? what is criteria for underwriting?, etc…These are many questions we are asked when discussing portfolio lending , see a quick checklist and quick scenario pitch here :

more info on our services coming soon.

Contact us for specific questions or set appointment to discuss your lending options:.

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