Our niches  is portfolio lending and (non conventional)Non – QM loans. We help  borrowers who have  income(prove with bank statements, 1099,other)  and cash for down payment but “Just missed” bank (Conventional- FHA,FANNIE MAE, other..) approval. Tell us your story and perhaps we can help. These loans are funded in Texas for primary residence borrowers. At this time our non conventional loans require 20% down. 

**New Program ** “asset based” -(portfolio loan type)60% LTV for purchase and refinance. Loan is for primary residence and investor loans. 700 credit is needed and 6-12 months reserves. If you have 18 months reserves no income is needed. Send us your  non conventional loan scenario – here. 

Non Conventional Loan Structure
Alternative Financing & Portfolio lending



Nonconventional and Portfolio loans (click)

**Note, new program for high net worth borrorwers and 700 credit. Up to 60% LTV on purchase and refinance of primary, 2nd home, investment loan. Rates start in 4s , need 6-18 months reserves pending number of property owned. Its “asset based” / Asset Depletion” type loans. Show us property info, asset statement and short summary. 


Sometimes a borrower just does not qualify for conventional . Have you tried bank statement loans, asset depletion or other forms of income documentation. Recently funded loans have included newly self employed, borrowers with other collateral (other homes ), one time credit mishaps (explanation for low credit), and more

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Steps to Apply - Non Conventional portfolio
Applying for Portfolio loan

2 steps to obtaining a portfolio  / alternative mortgage (more- click)

1. PREQUAL – SCENARIO (step 1, our FAST intake on your story) get pre qualified here (this is where we get the STORY AND REASON  why a portfolio loan may be best.This where you tell your story , explain how you make money and in general why you can repay the loan and be an excellent borrower.Proof of income is key, for self employed you can use profit and loss statements, 1099 and bank statements or some combination. Provide us with good information on  your financial health and we are quick. 

2 (FULL LOAN APPLICATION- 1003 RESIDENTIAL FORM) – after we have discussed or reviewed , or you want to go ahead and complete a full loan application. (PORTFOLIO LOAN CHECKLIST OR DOWNLOAD) Lets be organized ***********

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Financed Rental Property
Example : Duplex as rental

Investor Portfolio Loans / Non Bank landlord loans:(click)

Loan for Rental properties through Portfolio loan and stated products in Texas and other top 100 markets. 

When banks (local , fannie mae , other) says no. We  can use high credit score , or lower scores if property cash flows. Again, its about the story. We need to know value, rent, expenses  and loan needed. 80% of the loans we close failed with another lender. Save time, call us first, be organized  and able to discuss your investment property loan.

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We strive the be the fastest in closing and qualifying mortgage broker of porfolio and non conventional loans in Texas.  We ask that our borrowers be prepared- have the “story” (why you may not qualify conventionally ) ready with at least 12 bank statements, explanation of how you make money (if self employed) , explanation of negative credit – have all available and call us, many times we know within the first 10 minutes of a conversation if you loan will pass.

Perhaps you have been told you need a portfolio home loan. Our group specializes in non bank institution  loans for Texas real estate & homes.  These non conventional (not Fannie or Freddy Mac, FHA ) type loans  have  downpayment requirement of  20% and rates are typically 1- 3 % higher than FHA or Fannie Mae type loans.  (those loans are loan because they have Govt. insurance and guarantees. Our loans are held by portfolio lenders ( private funds, life insurance companies, small banks, …)

We search for borrowers who may not qualify for traditional  but who have a good “story” reason for why they may make a good loan candidate. We can work with bank statements (12-24), recent bk, foreclosure, and other credit issues.  We arrange  loans for investors and owner occupied (primary residence) mortgages. Min Loan is 75,000 with loans up 3,000,000.

Just be prepared to tell us your story (reason for portfolio loan and details on your current financial health). These loans work well for borrowers with a “story”, recently self employed, recent problems (BK,foreclosure, other). Maybe you just became paid 1099 rather than by w2. Maybe you have a job and own a small business or rental property. We use alternative means of calculating income (You should know you last 24 months of bank deposit history) such as bank statements, assets (some call it asset depletion method), gross income and other ways to qualify good borrowers.

Get Pre – Approved or Pre – Qualified (use option 2) This is our basic summary for all loans.Its an online application.

Portfolio & Specialty Real Estate Lending and mortgages in Texas.
If you are looking to purchase, refinance, or cash out on real estate on homes located in Texas , please send us an email , follow the 2 step process above or simply call us at 214-213 8967 for a complimentary consultation about your loan request.

Our mission regarding is lending: Simple – Provide a streamlined approach to the loan process in Texas. Whether buying as investor (our specialty) or for your primary residence we are seasoned loan consultants and offer a clear path to financing per the borrowers unique situation.


***** if after reading and you seek Hard (non bank) money for rehabs or other investment property please download the hard money app or go to our Texas hard Money site (for flippers , residential and commercial propeperty.


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