Asset Depletion or Asset Based loans for Self Employed, retired, financially independent borrowers


Do you understand an Asset Depletion Loan Program?  you must first understand what Asset Depletion is in general. Asset Depletion, which is also known as Asset Dissipation, is what you get when your liquid assets are calculated using a specific formula to provide you with monthly income for qualifying. The income may also be added to any additional monthly income currently being received. This method of qualifying helps you obtain a mortgage loan when you have limited sources of employment income, but substantial assets.

Is an Asset Based or Asset Depletion Loan Program the answer?

Some Qualifiers:

  • Your assets(stocks, cash, 401k,other)  are held in the United States
  • You are thinking of using Trust assets and have 100% unrestricted access to them with necessary documents to provide proof
  • You have enough cash to cover 12-36+ months of PITI (principle, interest, tax & insurance)
  • Credit requirements are typically high :(680+) is typically needed.
  • You have non w2 income coming  in but a significant amount of assets (liquid assets)
  • You are self-employed
  • You are retired or financially independent (living off investments, rental property , pension,other..

Liquid Assets can in fact assist you in getting a mortgage. “Asset Backed”/ Dissipation loans vary in many forms an depending on your situation, use (primary or investor home), and credit.

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